Are THEY Sitting Comfortably?


Well, are they sitting comfortably?

The design and layout of your venue can be a huge factor in influencing the behaviours of customers. How long they stay, what they order and how much money they spend can be affected by your choice of seating, and here at Robinson Group, our team of industry experts are best placed in guiding you to make the right selection for your business.

Armchairs, tub chairs, lounge chairs and high backed wing chairs are all best suited for extending the stay of customers, providing higher levels of comfort and personal space. Conversely, a hard-backed side chair and bar stools are generally placed in extroverted environments, where a fast turnaround is encouraged.


As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease, the WA community is more eager than ever to go out, socialise and spend quality time with their loved ones. Including a range of upholstered furniture pieces to your space influences consumers to “sink” rather than “perch”, providing them with more comfort and privacy, and allowing them to have a safe space to engage with each other for hours on end.

In fact, did you know that a sense of privacy whilst dining out is one of the largest factors that affects consumers “spend per minute” ratio, and that booth seating has been proven to give the largest SPM out of all seating arrangements!?

What is SPM you may ask? SPM refers to the amount of money a customer spends in your venue for every minute they are present. It is important to strike the right balance between a long-staying customer, and a high-spending customer… i.e. a customer who stays for a long time without spending very much is just taking up room, whereas a customer who spends a lot of money but leaves relatively quickly is someone you wish to keep in the venue.


Whether it is booth and banquette seating, custom created sofas, or a set of statement ottomans, each item is manufactured to your bespoke specifications right here in our Perth warehouse by local expert craftsmen.

We offer a huge range of designs options, with all materials and finishes available for selection in our showroom by appointment. All upholstered items come with a 10 year commercial warranty and can be made to GECA certified standard at request.

Get in touch via (08) 9249 7055 or to discuss the possibilities for your space today.