How To:
Hotel Revonations or Innovations?

hotel renovaitons


  • Hotel renovations keep your business up to date with trends and the expectations of the 2021 visitor.
  • To ensure your business is standing out in a competitive market. 
  • The stay-cay. With limitations on travel outside of Australia, people are looking to treat themselves to a few nights of luxury and are prioritising quality, style and aesthetics over other factors like location.
  • The positive impacts on your property’s value.
  • “Newly renovated” are keywords that draw in consumer attention.
  • And of course… it is a chance to reinvent your brand image and identity!
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First impressions matter! The lobby sets the stage for your guest’s stay, so this first glimpse needs to be a positive one. Bright, welcoming, nicely scented spaces are far more likely to attract (and retain) visitors than rooms filled with outdated furniture.

More than this however, ensure the area is functional and flows well, with important features easily accessible – this space will likely have larger groups of people in it at one time as keep that in mind!


Beauty is certainly not just skin deep when it comes to furniture. Invest in high quality materials from manufacturers who are involved in every step of the development process of your hotel renovations.

Items should be EVEN MORE comfortable than they look, and be designed with ergonomics at the forefront of their mind. 


 Use unique, coherent prints and textures throughout the building with key custom made upholstered pieces such as booths, ottomans, armchairs and headboards.

In order to remain unique in a saturated market, bespoke furniture items made to your unique size and shape specifications can add to your carefully curated atmosphere.

Not to mention, high quality materials and fabrics are the perfect way to add a sense of luxury to any space. 


Investing in high quality materials for your surfaces not only creates a visual appeal, but also adds warmth and richness to the atmosphere of an otherwise bland space.

For example, a statement timber top can be used cohesively in any room –  from the reception, to dining and entertainment areas, to the bedroom coffee tables, bedside and TV units.

A robust, easy-to-maintain renovation addition to your hotel renovations, guaranteed to stand the test of time. 


Did you know that year after year, pictures of food and dining out have consistently been in the top 10 most popular categories of social media posts? And that taking a photo of a meal can actually trick the consumer into enjoying it more?!

Well one way to take advantage of this long standing trend is to add your branding to the table they are dining at!

Add any custom logo or design to bespoke table tops (in timber and compact laminate) during the manufacturing process.


Create new and exciting areas for your guests to explore at all hours of the day and night with clever choices of lighting.

A set of commercial quality string bulbs is one way to create atmosphere in an otherwise unused space – as well as making an insta-worthy, picture perfect spot for visitors to share. 

utilise outdoor dining spaces


  • We cater for some of the largest hotels in WA, with hotel renovations being one of our most comprehensive projects to work on. The variety of space concepts that come with a hotel requires extensive background research and knowledge that here at Robinson Group we have been continually collecting over the last 40+ years. 
  • We provide the full service, including lobbies and reception areas, bedrooms, boardrooms, events spaces, dining and entertainment areas, offices and alfresco’s! We custom build and can bulk order to any project requirements and provide consultation every step of the way in order to supply only the most appropriate pieces, specific to your individual space.
  • We provide completely bespoke package options which ensures that our clients receive the best not only the best quality finish, but the best value possible.