If you have been searching for an exciting way to switch up your space this year – look no further.

Matte black features are a modern take on a timeless colour choice that can add anything from modern sophistication, to an urban or even industrial touch.

It is a surprisingly versatile styling tool that can elevate a desired atmosphere, and help you achieve a particular tone for your venue.

Matte black is understated and refined, should be used in small doses and best fits when incorporated as part of sleek, minimalist furniture.

t’s about simplicity, pared-back lines and complementary textures like soft leathers, timbers & stone.  

Styling your matte black pieces can go in just about any direction. Some good places to start however, include potted greenery, soft texture accessories like cushions, rugs or ottomans, or metallic light fixtures and frames in gold or copper.

Make a bold impression, up your luxe factor or add drama by diving into the matte black trend.

Below, we have included some of our latest arrivals that are the perfect way to incorporate this trend into your space!


The Charvez
Commercial metal barstool: 760mm height. 
Charcoal powder coated frame.
Fully upholstered, one piece shell in Synthetic leather, with decorative saddle stitching.



The Savannah
Commercial Metal Barstool: 600-760mm height.
Matte charcoal powder coat frame.
Adjustable seat height, with the ability to lock in place.


The Hairpin:
Commercial metal stool: 760mm height.
Matte charcoal powder coat frame.
Charcoal timber seat.


The Cross Back Chair:
Textured finish, glass-reinforced polypropylene
Load tested to 180kg & U.V. stabilised
Stackable 10-12 high
Easy wipe-over clean


The Leonardo:
Glass-reinforced Polypropylene chair.
Stackable with non-slip feet.
Italian design.
U.V Stabilised 



But it’s not just seating that we can incorporate this beautiful element into… we can also custom design our tables and dry bars to any specification, using Laminex’s ABSOLUTE MATTE BLACK laminate.

Our team of experts are some of the most experienced in WA, and after an in-depth consultation, will ensure that your surfaces STAY that stunning shade year after year.

This is because we design them to withstand some of the most testing commercial environments, and provide comprehensive recommendations so that your pieces are fit for their SPECIFIC application.



A beautiful accompaniment to any matte black feature, are our concrete-look laminate and compact laminate surface options.

Using real concrete can often end up both complicating projects, and eating up a large portion of the budget. It is also not ideal for commercial environments, as they incur stains easily, can chip over time, and are exceedingly heavy – making tables impossible for staff to move unassisted.

Robinson Group can supply one of the highest quality laminate alternatives, providing both aesthetic realism and textural feel for your tabletops – and with over 4 decades of industry experience, you are guaranteed a stunning finish that is built to last.

Get in touch with our team of experts to learn about the design possibilities for your space, and see what Robinson Group has to offer by emailing, or calling 9249 7055.