NEW Healthcare Highlights


If 2020 taught us anything it’s that prioritising our health and maintaining vigilance when it comes to hygiene is one of the most important factors of any workplace – and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Throughout the year, the undeniable positives of maintaining a society that is observant of sanitary measures has been shown in levels we could never have predicted.

The last 12 months saw one of the lowest reported numbers of cases of influenza, with one report from Hong Kong showing a 62% drop in cases, and Europe reports noting a shortening of the flu season by a number of weeks. This has been attributed to the cautious steps taken by people all over the world to stop the spread of Coronavirus.



Here at Robinson Group we have been carefully researching the most effective, and worthwhile investment products to suit a variety of high traffic environments.

We would like to introduce you to some of our NEW ADDITIONS to the healthcare, aged care, and office sectors – which are predicted to be some of the most popular items of 2021.


The anti-microbial technology within the castors inhibits the growth of moulds and bacteria such as E.coli and MRSA by disrupting normal cell function – stopping them from reproducing.

They have been proven to begin working in just 15 minutes, and reduce bacteria levels by up to 99% in two hours! The anti-microbial feature within the castors will not wear off over time, as it is incorporated within at the time of manufacture – making them the perfect addition to any office chair for your corporate work environment, healthcare offices and hospitals, or other high traffic spaces.


The perfect material choice where you are wishing to maintain a sterile environment. Polyurethane is especially useful in spaces where multiple different people may be often sharing seating or working in rotating shift rosters.

It has amazing antibacterial properties, is easy to wash, and is extremely resilient to stains or potential damage from strong cleaning products. Polyurethane is also a very robust material, retaining it’s ergonomic shape under rigorous usage – time and time again. 


A new take on the standard public seating. Ideal for waiting rooms, the Trilogy chair has the ability to both link together to form beam seats, and easily separate into individual chairs.

With restrictions and social distancing rules constantly changing, the versatility of seating arrangements has never been more important! Say goodbye to blocking off spaces with unnattractive electrical tape, and keep your public areas clean and sophisticated with the stackable, linkable and easily portable Trilogy.


Quickly becoming an essential at the entrypoint to every building, the Robinson Group automatic sanitiser dispenser removes the need for unhygienic sharing of pumps and bottles in public spaces. Instead, simply hold your hand under the device for 2 seconds to receive the recommended amount of product.

It is crucial that these stands are manufactured from a robust design, in order to withstand constant daily usage – as such we have created ours using the highest commercial grade materials. The stands are also perfect for ensuring visitors are reminded that they must sanitise before entry, as they can be placed obviously at any desired position – keeping it at the forefront of their minds no matter the situation. 


Bring the power of UV light into your workspace, with the latest in sanitisation technology. A new take on the arduous, hand-held sterilisation wand, the NEW self contained light stand can be conveniently placed over any keyboard, with a timer activated for the required 10 minutes, and left to automatically eliminate the harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.

Once again, this piece is perfect for workplaces where multiple people are sharing a space, or where hotdesking is standard procedure. 

Note: The device is fitted with an anti-shake feature and also available with optional USB charging port.

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