Table Cloths

Commercial Quality products for the hospitality industry.

Designed to meet laundry requirements.

Can be customised in other sizes and colours, minmum quantities apply.


Additional Information

Custom Colours (Subject to availability and minimum quantities)

Technical Details

White Table Linen:

Overlays 90x90cm
Square Tablecloths 137×137, 160x160cm, 180×180, 224×224
Trestle Tablecloths 137x180cm, 137x224cm, 137x275cm, 137x305cm, 137x330cm
Round Tablecloths 224cm, 275cm, 300cm, 330cm,

Black Table Linen:

Overlays 90x90cm
Square Tablecloths 137x137cm, 224x224cm
Trestle Tablecloths 137x275xm
Round Tablecloths 300cm

Overlays available in: Maroon, Royal Blue and Red

Square Tablecloths available in: Ivory, Royal Blue, Maroon, Red and Navy