Stream Reception Counter

Introducing the Stream Curved Reception Counter, a statement piece designed to enhance large reception areas with its sleek and functional design.

Commercial Grade Construction: Crafted from durable commercial-grade melamine, ensuring longevity and resilience to daily use.

Elegant Finish: Finished in a classic Beech finish, adding warmth and sophistication to any reception space.

Generous Dimensions: With dimensions of 2400 x 1600 x 1160Hmm, it offers ample space for reception tasks while maintaining a streamlined appearance.

Reversible Return: Features a reversible return fitting, allowing for versatile placement to suit different layout configurations.

Curved Tempered Glass Shelf: Enhances the aesthetic appeal and provides a stylish display area for additional decor or signage.

Silver Kick Plate: Adds a touch of modern elegance and protects the counter from scuffing and wear.

Convenient Assembly: Designed for easy shipping and installation, the counter is KD (knocked-down) for hassle-free transportation.

Impactful Design: Comprising three quality pieces, including a full-height unit at the front, a glass top corner unit, and return fitting, it is sure to make a lasting impression in any reception area.


Height: 1160mm

Width: 1600mm


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