Ensemble Bed: Various Sizes

Ensemble bed for accommodation fit-outs.

SPINETECH 3 ZONE Support System for excellent support – Double Tempered, 6 Turn Spring System – Full Perimeter Edge Support.

High-Density Urethane (Foam) (20mm) inner comfort layer.

Hyper Soft Urethane (Foam) (36mm) surface comfort layer.

Quality (Hard Wearing) Cotton/Polyester Fire-Retardant cover.

Non-Flip Design.



Additional Information

Spinetec 3 Zone Support System for excellent support The spring units zoning provides better support to the lower back lumbar area. The spring systems gauge wire is the international standard of 2.3mm however the centre third zone is gauge 2.4mm for better support to the heaviest part of the body, no matter what the size of the sleeper. A 2.5mm Full Perimeter Edge Support provides exceptional comfort in comparison to the traditional edge support callipers which can snap and become loose.

Durapad Comfort Pad provides support to the comfort layers of the mattress. The superior bonded pad ensures the comfort layers will not compress into the spring unit and hence the sleeper will not feel the spring unit through the comfort layers. In doing so it also adds to the longevity of the mattress. By bonding, the comfort layers above the Durapad also avoids the typical sagging of the border of the mattress which is so common.

High-Density Urethane, (Foam) comfort layer (30mm) provides comfort. The quilting layer of our mattresses are quilted with the same high-density foam as the internal layer, meaning that layers are providing an extra 36mm of support (many manufacturers only use low-density foams in the quilt)

Non-flip design means that not only is there less work for housekeeping but that we can have the additional comfort layers on the side that the sleeper is using. The mattress will still require rotating for even wear.

Allergy-free Australian made Dunlop foams treated with Ultra fresh for relief of allergies and asthma

10-year guarantee

Available in:

King Single | Queen | King

Western Australian made supporting our local economy and employees.

Technical Details

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