Bistro Chair

Introducing the Bistro Dining Chair, a versatile and robust seating solution designed for indoor and outdoor use, perfect for commercial dining environments.

Precision Welding: Robotically welded to ensure clean and strong welds, enhancing durability and aesthetic appeal.

High Load Capacity: Steel construction load-rated to 200kg, providing reliable support for various seating needs.

Dual Usage: The electroplated finish makes the chair suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offering flexibility in placement.

Space-Saving Design: Can stack up to 10 units high, allowing for efficient storage and easy transportation.

Colour Options: Available in Matte Black and Vintage finishes, catering to different style preferences.

Custom Powder-Coating: Optional custom powder-coated finishes are available to match specific design requirements.

Optional Seat Pad: Seat pad upholstered in commercial heavy-duty, black leather-look vinyl, available for added comfort.

Secure Attachment: The seat pad can be Silastic fixed or strap fixed, ensuring a secure and stable seating experience.



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