Lucifer Flip Base

A versatile addition to our Lucifer range, the Flip & Store Table Base combines functionality with durability, ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings.

4-Way Aluminium Base: Constructed from heavy-duty aluminium with a durable black powder coat finish.

Flippable Head Unit: Designed with a flippable head unit for easy table storage, optimising space when not in use.

Interlocking Design: Bases can interlock with each other, minimising the storage footprint and enhancing organisation.

Versatile Size: Suitable for tops up to 800mm, accommodating a variety of table designs.

Customisable Tops: Can be fitted with custom-made tops from materials such as Laminex, Compact Laminate, Solid Timber, and more, depending on your specific requirements.

Indoor & Outdoor Use: Engineered for both indoor and outdoor environments, providing flexibility in application.



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Also available in

Pedestal| Twin & Dry bar  designs (non flip/stack designs)

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