Solid Timber Table Top

Introducing the next generation of Solid Timber Table Tops.

Jarrah timbers reflect the hues of the Western Australian landscape. The heartwood varies in colour from rich reds to browns, while sapwood ranges from a pale yellow to orange.

Extremely hardwearing and dent resistant.

Our surface finishes can be specified to your requirements, we can offer Osmo hard wax oil finishes or two pack polyurethane finishes.

Enduring solid hardwood that is extremely well suited for restaurant table tops.



Additional Information

  • Table Top Size – All our Jarrah timber table tops are made to order, so you can order any shape or size.
  • Table Top Colour –  Please note that we are dealing with a natural material, so it not always possible to guarantee exact matches to an existing timber.
  • Table Top Edge Profiles  – You can choose from a number of edge profiles as shown below. The table top can be made with same profile top and bottom, or a different profile. The square profile on top with a 12mm rounded profile on the bottom gives the table top a thin sleek appearance.

Technical Details

Please Note:

All wooden table tops are made from natural timber, whether its solid veneered or plywood. Wood does swell or contract as the moisture content varies.

It is best not to let your wooden table tops stay out in the rain or direct sunlight. Our wooden table tops have been sealed with a very durable coating. This coating can be damaged through abuse or by not using the correct cleaning materials.

Sunlight does “fade” timber and will shorten its usable life. Please take care of your timber products correctly. Ask us how to take care or your wooden table tops.