Karijini Booth

Karijini Booth

The Perth-made booth has been designed specifically for unforgiving and ever changing environments, providing ultimate room versatility and long term durability in order to fit any communal space, for years to come.

This is achieved through specifically improved specs, such as the high density Enduro foam and robust alligator clips. All you need to do? Just select the colour!

The alligator clips have been thoughtfully positioned on each end, and on the rear of the booth. Not only does this enable uncomplicated and effortless transportation, but allows for an entirely flexible room design. The clips enable back-to-back and edge-to-edge linkage, providing a fully customisable layout, as well as a strong anchorage from unit to unit.

Booth style seating allows for more privacy, comfort, and encourages meaningful social interactions between peers – boosting collaboration with people, concentration and creativity levels. It also assists in creating greater balance with a home-like environment. This is an essential when it comes to recreational living spaces on site, as having that balance has been shown to play a huge role in lowering psychological stress levels and improving overall wellbeing.



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Improved spec for heavy duty commercial use
10 year frame warranty
Vast selection of robust vinyl’s to select from
High density Enduro foam
Sturdily anchored alligator clips

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