Hillary’s Yacht Club

Hillarys Yacht Club is known for its sailing and boating activities, as well as its facilities and services for members and visitors. The club often hosts sailing regattas, social events, and offers various boating and sailing programs.

Robinson Group partnered with Hillarys Yacht Club, a beacon of maritime tradition and community spirit, to create an atmosphere that pays homage to its esteemed members, both past and present. At the heart of this collaboration are our custom dining chairs and dining tables, each meticulously designed to reflect the club’s rich heritage. The dining tables, with their solid timber tops, several adorned with unique timber scribing, serve as a living testament to the stories, journeys, and camaraderie of those who have been part of this vibrant club.

Robinson Group is honoured to be a part of this endeavour, where craftsmanship and history seamlessly merge to create an inviting and timeless dining experience that captures the essence of Hillary’s Yacht Club.

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