Lakelands Country Club

Lakelands Country Club is a private golf club that caters to both the competitive and social golfer – catering to all levels.

Inside and out, Robinson Group’s attention to detail shines through. Our custom-manufactured dining and armchairs offer a comfortable retreat after a challenging round on the course, ensuring moments of relaxation and respite. Solid timber tables, adorned with meticulously crafted resin-filled logos that proudly represent the club’s identity, serve as the centrepiece for unforgettable memories.

Our inviting upholstered bar seating and Timber top dry bars provide the perfect backdrop for both unwinding after a game and celebrating victories with fellow members. Whether it’s a casual gathering or a more formal meeting, our unique tub seating creates a warm and welcoming environment, fostering connections and discussions among members.

When the sun beckons, our outdoor seating beckons as well. Designed with compact laminate tables featuring a plank look effect and the club’s name elegantly scribed into the panels, it offers a picturesque spot to savour the camaraderie that follows each memorable round. Robinson Group is proud to have left no detail unattended, ensuring that Lakelands Country Club’s members enjoy every aspect of their club experience


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