Nikola Estate, Woodcutters

In the heart of the Swan Valley, nestled within Australia’s second oldest winery, Nikola Estate, you’ll discover Woodcutters, a charming dining destination that pays homage to the region’s rich heritage. Robinson Group had the privilege of crafting an ambience that seamlessly connects with the winery’s history while offering modern comfort.

For the indoor dining experience, custom-manufactured seating was carefully designed to complement the building’s heritage look. The addition of custom timber-look dining tables and Pedestal dry bars with upholstered Charvez barstools creates an intimate atmosphere, perfect for enjoying Nikola Estate’s exquisite wines.

Outdoors, where the beauty of the garden grass areas unfolds, we provided compact laminate wood-look dining tables. Paired with our Ayre Chair range, patrons can relish the picturesque surroundings while savouring their meals.

Robinson Group’s commitment to enhancing spaces is evident at Woodcutters, where we’ve seamlessly blended tradition with modernity, creating a dining experience that honours the past and embraces the future.

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