X-Golf Joondalup

Robinson Group recently collaborated with the owner and designer of XGolf Joondalup to bring a vision to life. The result? An inviting and stylish space that seamlessly combines golf and entertainment.

Our Bridget Drybars, featuring Compact Laminate tops, take centre stage, offering an elegant focal point. Charvez Barstools add sophistication, while custom-made WA sofas and coffee tables create cozy seating areas. Pedestal Drybars add functionality to the mix.

Compact Laminate table tops throughout ensure durability and style, while our sofas, upholstered in Warwick Eastwood fabric, provide both aesthetics and comfort.

Robinson Group’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality shine through in every corner of XGolf Joondalup. The result is a space where patrons can enjoy golf and entertainment while creating lasting memories.

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